Skip to: The introduction of electric cooking in Nepal – A gender and socio-technical transition perspective

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  • With the announcement of the second lockdown in April, Sanu Maya prepared herself and her business for this second wave. She stored the necessary grocery supplies for the shop and started to resume the activities and services needed over the first lockdown when she was providing grocery, milk supplies and chickens. Along with these, she […]

  • Chini Maya had to bear a huge loss in the first wave of COVID-19 because she had to halt her Nepali Paper Factory and Dhasingre Oil Company. She was forced to close her business for 7 months. She had a lot of oil and paper in stock, as she could not sell paper and pure […]

  • Transition to clean cooking is necessary for protecting the health and lives of the 2.7 billion people who suffer from the health and environmental impacts of existing cooking practices. As cooking is typically a task that women engage in, understanding the barriers to and opportunities of a transition to electric cooking from a woman’s perspective […]

  • “Last year my oil factory and paper production businesses were going very well but the outbreak of COVID-19 forced me to halt my business. However, the situation did not scare me off. I started growing and selling vegetables with the support of my daughters and still managed to have good earnings.” In Nepal, a country-wide […]

  • Chini Maya is an ambitious and experienced entrepreneur, owner of a paper production company. She strongly believes that with the proper knowledge and skills, anyone can become an entrepreneur. If they try, women can do anything. They’ve become drivers of change. It’s all up to you. My goal is to ensure that all women in […]

  • Sanumaya Shrestha is a strong and ambitious entrepreneur. She is engaged in agriculture and poultry, and she also has a store, a rice mill, and a milk collection center. “To succeed, you need self-confidence, support of the family & business skills” says Sanumaya “My husband and I were not aware of the profits and losses. […]

  •   One morning, I went to my poultry farm to see the chickens and I was shocked seeing almost 700 chickens lying dead. I was speechless. I don’t know how I came back home. My daughter tried to talk to me but I was unconscious and could not respond to her. When I regained consciousness, […]

  • Sanu Maya Shrestha, age 33, residing in the rural municipality of Konjyosom, Nepal, is a successful entrepreneur engaged in multiple enterprises with the support of her husband Surya Narayan Shrestha. Prior to building their business, they were engaged in family agriculture and vegetable farming, which was not sufficient to meet the increasing expenses of the […]

  • By Gyanu Bist Meena Basnet has dedicated herself to supporting women entrepreneurs for 12 years. She has always been interested in social services. Encouraging startups and pushing existing entrepreneurs is her passion. “Mentoring helps women with decision-making, especially in rural areas. It reduces their feeling of isolation and improves their satisfaction. The handholding provided to […]