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  • Marketing trainings offered to Millicent Akinyi Dula by Practical Action’s Women in Energy Enterprises in Kenya project have not only been a life changing opportunity to her energy business but her life as a whole. The mother of six, who identified product demonstration as an ideal strategy to sell her clean energy business during the […]

  • Rebecca Aseyo’s dream of opening a portable solar products shop within Kakamega County’s Central Business District is finally a reality. Through the County Government, Rebecca was able to secure a stall that goes for Ksh.3000 monthly (USD 28). As also planned, her engagement with the local management team from Sunking Kakamega was successful and they […]

  • After trying her hand at many businesses and jobs in order to support her family, Everlyne Murenjekha finally made her niche as an energy entrepreneur in Kakamega County, in Kenya. She is now a successful clean energy entrepreneur, specializing in the installation and assembling of improved cook stoves and selling of portable solar products. For […]

  • Millicent Odira, a clean energy entrepreneur from Migori County’s Rongo location, Kenya, is a true proof that when women and girls have equal opportunities as men and boys, they are formidable actors in economic development and social transformation. Mother of six, she was motivated into the energy business after seeking a stable job without any […]

  • For most families in Kenya, the holiday season in December is devoted to traveling upcountry to spend time with loved ones and extended family members. However, for Rebecca Aseyo, the last time she recounts visiting her relatives in the village during the December holidays was way before she ventured into the solar installation business. “December […]

  • Activities to strengthen Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) carried out through Practical Action’s Women’s Economic Empowerment project have enabled Millicent Akinyi Dula to sharpen her leadership skills for the VSLA Rarieda Technology Advisors Women Group (RATAD), of which she is the chairperson. “Ever since I was appointed as the chairperson, I’ve gained skills and […]

  • The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya affected many small scale businesses and Millicent Akinyi Dula’s clean cooking equipment venture was not spared. Sales from her company that sells and installs improved stoves reduced from the previous average of 20 pieces per month to 8 pieces, as most of her customers postponed buying due […]

  • When Covid-19 hit the country back in March and the government of Kenya in coordination with the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of borders and introduced curfew hours, Rebecca Aseyo thought her dreams would come to end. Two months before the pandemic outbreak, she had been employed as regional sales representative by Star Times, […]

  • Energy is a critical enabler in reaching development goals. However, the benefits of increased access to modern and cleaner energy services often fail to accrue evenly to men and women. The African Development Bank and ENERGIA recognise the need to prioritise policy action in the field of gender and energy to meet the inter-national Sustainable Development […]

  •   ENERGIA, together with the African Development Bank and the Climate Investment Funds have jointly launched four country briefs on November, 24 during the virtual event “Gender and Sustainable Energy Access in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda”. The briefs contribute to increasing data availability on gender and energy and provide insights for future gender sensitive […]

  • Rose Onyango is an energy entrepreneur engaged in the production of Improved Cookstoves (ICS) liners in Nyahera village, Kisumu County, Kenya. She is a married mother of four children: two in Primary school level, one in Secondary level and one at Tertiary education level. Before joining the energy business, Rose was engaged in farming activities. […]

  • Clay Works Innovation Center, an improved cookstoves liner production center in Kakamega County’s Ichingo village (Kenya), was launched in January 2020. The group started off as a pottery production center back in November 2019, with a membership of six individuals; two men and four women on a full time pottery production job and part time […]