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  • Hundreds of women entrepreneurs in Senegal who have suffered devastating loss in business as a result of the pandemic are beginning to regain their livelihoods thanks to a new emergency fund set up by ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy. The fund will provide 69 companies (comprising 594 women entrepreneurs) much needed […]

  • The last six months have often seemed like a rollercoaster for Aïssata Ba as she tries to keep her market garden business afloat. As soon as the Senegalese COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in June 2020, Aïssata rolled up her sleeves and brought her land back to life by using a new blend of poultry dung, […]

  • Sanumaya Shrestha is a strong and ambitious entrepreneur. She is engaged in agriculture and poultry, and she also has a store, a rice mill, and a milk collection center. “To succeed, you need self-confidence, support of the family & business skills” says Sanumaya “My husband and I were not aware of the profits and losses. […]

  • When Covid-19 hit the country back in March and the government of Kenya in coordination with the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of borders and introduced curfew hours, Rebecca Aseyo thought her dreams would come to end. Two months before the pandemic outbreak, she had been employed as regional sales representative by Star Times, […]

  • Since the lockdown was imposed at the onset of the pandemic in Senegal, Awa has seen her turnover fall from an average of USD 340 per month to between USD 70 and 110 per month. As schools closed down, market activities got suspended and travel restrictions were imposed, Awa’s customers faded away. Her mentor advised […]

  • Rose Onyango is an energy entrepreneur engaged in the production of Improved Cookstoves (ICS) liners in Nyahera village, Kisumu County, Kenya. She is a married mother of four children: two in Primary school level, one in Secondary level and one at Tertiary education level. Before joining the energy business, Rose was engaged in farming activities. […]

  • Clay Works Innovation Center, an improved cookstoves liner production center in Kakamega County’s Ichingo village (Kenya), was launched in January 2020. The group started off as a pottery production center back in November 2019, with a membership of six individuals; two men and four women on a full time pottery production job and part time […]

  •   The corona virus is really affecting my business, because for weeks now, I have been indoor with my family. I cannot follow-up in the places I had gone before the lock-down to advertise my business and various appointments I made have been suspended because of the pandemic. Onyinye Onye Ndimele, a Solar Sister Entrepreneur […]

  •   Following the success of her previous vegetable harvest, Aïssata Ba started a second agricultural cycle of tomatoes and cabbages, towards the end of 2019. From seeds to seedlings, she nurtured the crops using a solar-powered water pump to keep them well irrigated. Abundance of water and sun turned her 0.15 hectares of land in […]

  • Sanu Maya Shrestha, age 33, residing in the rural municipality of Konjyosom, Nepal, is a successful entrepreneur engaged in multiple enterprises with the support of her husband Surya Narayan Shrestha. Prior to building their business, they were engaged in family agriculture and vegetable farming, which was not sufficient to meet the increasing expenses of the […]

  •   Rebecca Aseyo is a 33-year-old solar sales agent for Sun King Company, in Kakamega County, Kenya. Widow and mother of three children, she also takes care of her sister’s two children. Apart from selling solar products, Rebecca also sells second hand ladies clothes. After a hard toil of sourcing funds to go to college […]

  • By Gyanu Bist Meena Basnet has dedicated herself to supporting women entrepreneurs for 12 years. She has always been interested in social services. Encouraging startups and pushing existing entrepreneurs is her passion. “Mentoring helps women with decision-making, especially in rural areas. It reduces their feeling of isolation and improves their satisfaction. The handholding provided to […]