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  • Awa Sène was overjoyed when she took delivery of her second solar freezer in April 2021, a decision she had reached after discussing expansion plans with Energy 4 Impact Business Mentor, Dominique Thiaw. She immediately set out to widen her customer base to the surrounding villages. After a difficult period in which her business had […]

  • In a Maasai village in northern Tanzania, when the sky turns from deep marine blue at dusk to black night, the stars sparkle like jewels in the sky. Despite the big open sky, Solar Sister Entrepreneur Susanna Simon’s community is dark with only a few pinpricks of light coming from kerosene lamps. Most of the […]

  • Once she had finally paid off her solar water pump last June, thanks to the grant received through ENERGIA’s Covid19 Solidarity Fund, and with enough capital for seedlings, feritiliser and labour Aïssata Ba took some time at the end of the summer to prepare her land for a new agricultural cycle. She had already bought […]

  • Marketing trainings offered to Millicent Akinyi Dula by Practical Action’s Women in Energy Enterprises in Kenya project have not only been a life changing opportunity to her energy business but her life as a whole. The mother of six, who identified product demonstration as an ideal strategy to sell her clean energy business during the […]

  • Rebecca Aseyo’s dream of opening a portable solar products shop within Kakamega County’s Central Business District is finally a reality. Through the County Government, Rebecca was able to secure a stall that goes for Ksh.3000 monthly (USD 28). As also planned, her engagement with the local management team from Sunking Kakamega was successful and they […]

  • Solar Sister Entrepreneur Onyinye Onye Ndimele will be the first to tell you that reliable energy is cause for celebration in the bustling market town of Awka in the Igbo heartland of southeast Nigeria where she lives with her husband and three children. Electricity was available before, but, without warning, it would go off for […]

  • Patricia Shayo waves her arm over the 200 orange trees she planted on her new plot of land, purchased with her earnings from Solar Sister. Patricia’s glossy black hair is drawn back in fashionable flat twists. Kanga cloth of orange, turquoise, white, and deep blue drapes over her shoulder, bringing out the warm tones in […]

  • With the announcement of the second lockdown in April, Sanu Maya prepared herself and her business for this second wave. She stored the necessary grocery supplies for the shop and started to resume the activities and services needed over the first lockdown when she was providing grocery, milk supplies and chickens. Along with these, she […]

  • Chini Maya had to bear a huge loss in the first wave of COVID-19 because she had to halt her Nepali Paper Factory and Dhasingre Oil Company. She was forced to close her business for 7 months. She had a lot of oil and paper in stock, as she could not sell paper and pure […]

  • After trying her hand at many businesses and jobs in order to support her family, Everlyne Murenjekha finally made her niche as an energy entrepreneur in Kakamega County, in Kenya. She is now a successful clean energy entrepreneur, specializing in the installation and assembling of improved cook stoves and selling of portable solar products. For […]

  • Millicent Odira, a clean energy entrepreneur from Migori County’s Rongo location, Kenya, is a true proof that when women and girls have equal opportunities as men and boys, they are formidable actors in economic development and social transformation. Mother of six, she was motivated into the energy business after seeking a stable job without any […]