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  • More than twenty individuals gathered virtually to kick off ENERGIA and partners’ first Gender and Energy Innovation Facility Bootcamp. Over five days, NGOs, CBOs, social enterprises, financial institutions, consultants and research centers working at the nexus of gender and energy, explored how to drive change and develop innovative ideas to address persistent gender challenges in […]

  • Together with our partners, we have helped nearly 5,000 women energy entrepreneurs across Africa and Asia over the past five years. Through their sustainable energy businesses, these women work to create a better future for their families and their communities. But the corona pandemic has put all of that at risk. They are women who […]

  •   ENERGIA, together with the African Development Bank and the Climate Investment Funds have jointly launched four country briefs on November, 24 during the virtual event “Gender and Sustainable Energy Access in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda”. The briefs contribute to increasing data availability on gender and energy and provide insights for future gender sensitive […]

  • For the shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies to be genuinely sustainable on both the environmental and social levels, it needs to be just, to leave no one behind during the process. Climate change impacts men and women differently. As the main caretakers of families and households, and providers of food security in many […]

  •   Access to clean energy and cooking technologies is pivotal for people’s livelihoods and a sustainable, equal and equitable socio-economic development. In this realm, women play a key role in the promotion, deployment and progress of clean energy. However, because of cultural norms, they experience social, political, and economic barriers, further hindering their participation in […]

  •   The corona-virus crisis is putting a tremendous strain on the global economy and public health systems, as well as on the energy supply and access systems that support them. It highlights and magnifies inequalities and the multiple forms of discrimination that women and girls face, including in the energy sector. The pandemic goes beyond […]

  •   At the start of the Decade of Action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and on the occasion of the High Level Political Forum, ENERGIA/Hivos and the Ministry of Kenya, together with key partners, hosted a virtual side event to take stock of the efforts needed to enhance the ambitions in the clean cooking […]

  • Rosmiaty Lantara is an Indonesian biogas entrepreneur, supported by the Hivos BIRU biogas program, which contributes to a transition toward broad renewable energy use and greener societies. Rosmiaty founded her biogas construction company, CV Rizki Abadi, in 2016, with the goal of raising awareness about clean cooking fuels throughout her province of South Sulawesi. Rosmiaty […]

  • Oluwakemi Ojewoye is a solar energy entrepreneur in Nigeria. Her business journey started in 2016, when her husband bought a solar lamp from a woman entrepreneur in their district. Regular and long-lasting power cuts impacted their daily lives, leaving them completely in the dark after sunset. The solar lamp made a huge difference to their […]

  • Charlot Magayi is the CEO and founder of Mukuru Stoves, a social enterprise that recycles waste metal to produce clean cookstoves for low-income households. Mukuru Stoves was originally based in Nairobi, selling to urban households, but moved its operations to western Kenya to better serve those most in need. Their business model focuses on partnering […]