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Rose Mensah-Kutin

Dr. Rose Mensah-Kutin is the Director of the Accra-based West African Regional Office of ABANTU for Development, a women’s rights organisation that works to promote gender responsiveness in policies in Africa. She is also the current Convenor of the Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT), a membership organisation that focuses on economic justice and women’s land rights.

Dr. Mensah-Kutin holds a PhD in Gender and Energy studies from the University of Birmingham, UK. She also holds an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands. She attended the University of Ghana, Legon, where she studied English and History for her first degree, and Journalism and Communication for a graduate diploma. She worked at the “Daily Graphic” from 1980-89, rising from the position of Staff Writer to Assistant Editor. During that period, she undertook several socio-economic and political assignments, particularly as they related to women, and edited and innovative column, “Women for Change”.

She was also the coordinator of the Social Impact Assessment Unit of the then National Energy Board (now Energy Commission) from 1990-98. This work involved assessing the impacts of energy policies, programmes and projects on beneficiary groups and communities. Dr. Mensah-Kutin is know as having initiated the production, coalition building and wider dissemination of “The Women’s Manifesto for Ghana”, a political document that outlines critical national issues of concerns to women and makes demands for addressing them. She is a member of a number of boards, committees and councils notably the Pentecost University College Council and has written papers on gender equality issues in areas such as governance, energy, climate change and poverty.